Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Traditions.

Every year during the holidays, I take out this doggie PJs and put it on Piri. He's the only one around here that actually wears Christmas jammies. I also have a elf hat that I like to put on him to annoy him take a few pictures. He's always a good sport during the holidays. 

Since building our life together, Yangkyu and I began to hold little traditions of our own, some taken from ones started by our parents and others newly created by us. 

This year though, with my schedule being a little tight with all the doggy vacay guests coming to stay during the holidays, we haven't been able to keep most  --  like going to see The Nutcracker {we decided to switch off every other year to see The Nutcracker  at The Kennedy Center and A Christmas Carol at Ford's Theatre}, Zoolights and checking out the holiday market before heading over to see the National Tree

We did though get to go see The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies last night and it was so good. {and I couldn't get over all the wonderful knitwears in the movie! heh} Since the movies are now over, we're now thinking that all of the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies must be watched during future holidays on DVD. Yes. 

We're still new at this traditions thing, and hopefully it'll grow and become a bit more personal as the years go on. 

What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions? 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Year-end countdown: A Girl and Her Dog posts of the year.

Today we're looking back on one of my favorite things I did this year on the blog, which is the A Girl and her Dog interviews with folks I met on Instagram. It started in February and I missed the months of November and December, but the features that came in-between were all memorable and sweet in every way.

While we said good-bye to Miles and Tiara who graced us with their presence here, I have witnessed for the second time around how love endures and carries on in the hearts of the humans, Karen and Cherring, who loved them the best. 

Thank you Angie + Kramer, Tammy +Nina, Cornelia + Frieda, Märta + Ninja, Karen + Miles, Cherring + Tiara, Rick + Oscar + Tiki, Cindy + Louie and Michelle + Winston, for letting us take a peek into the life and special bond you share.

Here they are once again. 

February - Angie +Kramer , Illinois

March - Tammy + Nina , Japan

April - Cornelia + Frieda , Berlin, Germany

May - Märta + Ninja , Stockholm, Sweden

June - Karen + Miles , New York, NY

July - Cherring + Tiara , Singapore

August - Rick, Oscar + Tiki , Lower East Side, NY, NY
(Our special guest for this month)

September - Cindy + Louie , Los Angeles, CA

October - Michelle + Winston , Melbourne, Australia

I would like to continue the series on next year and sprinkle in some special features that include women who have other animals, besides dogs, in their lives. I hope you'll look out for them in the new year. 

Thank you for reading along!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

5-day black & white photo challenge.

I've seen these 5-day black & white photo challenges taking place on Instagram and so I was a bit surprised when I got tagged to participate on Facebook. I was wary of doing it because as with a lot of things I was afraid I would do it wrong. 

Do you love black and white photos? 

I do, but I can't pinpoint why. I feel like I don't understand it but yet on some superficial level I find them to be beautiful, dramatic, moody, dark and mysterious. They bring out certain feels that color photos can't. I can't pick up on shadow plays and lighting and moods and other technical factors that make a black and white photo great, which is why I feel so superficial when I say I like them. 

But nonetheless, I snapped away at my iphone. A couple of days I found myself straining to find the perfect moment, but most days they came naturally. Here were my five photos. 

What do you like most about black and white photography? 

Day 1: I'm wondering what kind of happy conversations are taking place under these roofs. At the end of a good day I like to look at that horizon and hope that others had a good day as well. 

Day 2: I'm still trying to figure out how light and shadows play in little corners and crevices of my house. Sometimes they are kind, but most times they are tricksters.

Day 3: Maybe Moro from Princess Mononoke.

Day 4: Bokeh!! 

Day 5: Winging dinner tonight. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Year-end countdown: From Where I Stand

Early in the year I wrote a post using a hashtag I've been seeing around Instagram {#fromwhereistand} and asked if others would lend a hand in sending in pictures from around the world. I wanted to see what kind of collection we would end up with at the end of the year.

Well, here it is! 

19 bloggers {and myself} sent in pictures from 24 cities and 10 countries and the collage looks amazing. 

Many thanks to Macy, Mei, Trishi, Nelah, Ellie, Briseidy, Emily, Juni, Akshara, Natalia, Stephanie, Sara, Carmen, Yen, Fee, Sam, Deniz, Niken & Rowena for taking the time out to send in your pictures and your thoughts at the moment. 

Unfortunately, I won't be continuing the From Where I Stand posts in the new year. But I'm thinking hard on another fun series to do in 2015. Hopefully something will pop into my head soon! 

View all From Where I Stand posts here

Monday, December 15, 2014

Doggie serenades and saying good-bye Shone & Napoleon.

I love when dogs serenade humans when they come home. This picture was from Sunday morning after Yangkyu came home from hiking with a friend. Piri, Shone and Napoleon were so happy to see him and I think it kinda made Yangkyu feel pretty special.  

My mom grew up with dogs. Her family owned many of them, but at the same time she also witnessed dogs being used as fight dogs. She used to tell me how much she would cry seeing their wounds. But her love for them never stopped and so at different points in my life, we always had dogs. I think her love for these furry guys rubbed off on me. I love being around them and taking care of them, even if it means my legs cramping up because they decided to fall asleep on them. {Dog lovers, you know what I'm talking about, right?}

Yangkyu on the other hand loved dogs but never grew up with them because his family, except his brother, weren't really into them. I think all our Dogvacay guests are making up for all the years lost, don't you think? 

Today, Napoleon and Shone both leave us to go back to their humans. I'm sure gonna miss them. I wish they can stay a bit longer, but I know they are longing to be in back in their homes with the humans they love most. I'm glad they were happy guests here at Piri's Place. We have a few days free until a couple more dogs join us starting this weekend. 

Piri has been such a great host. I'm going to treat him to something extra special these next couple of days. Maybe some extra apples and neck scratches. 

How was your weekend? I hope it was with those who made you feel pretty special, too.