Friday, October 24, 2014

Thoughts on baseball to head into the weekend.

Have you been watching the World Series? 

I haven't watched baseball in like forever. Throughout elementary school and junior high school, I was madly in love with baseball. I was first introduced to it by my 4th grade teacher, Mr. Sobel, who taught us math through baseball by letting us create our own fantasy teams and figuring out player averages and such. He was a NY Mets fan and so I fell in love with the Mets as well. I collected baseball cards and had boxes and boxes of them.

I also got to go to see some ball games, all at Yankee Stadium. One time I was able to go with a few girl scouts from the UK who had no idea how baseball was played and so we taught them the rules while they taught us who to cheer, British style {and boy did they have a pair of lungs}.  

Then came the early nineties and I fell in love with the Atlanta Braves. I had all my favorite players - Tom Glavine, Steve Avery, Mark Lemke - just to name a few, but I liked all the Braves players from the 1991/92 roster. I would check the newspaper for score and standing updates, watch the news at night and those silly baseball shows which would air at odd hours during the weekend. I swear, I think probably 14 people watched it, me being one of them. I remember my young heart being broken two years in a row watching them go to the World Series and losing to the Minnesota Twins in 1991 and then again to the Toronto Blue Jays in 1992. I saw them win the title in 1995 but that's when I began to slowly lose interest in baseball. 

But as an adult, I continued to sporadically go to see games -- when I lived in LA for a while I went to a Dodgers game to root for the Mets who were in town and where some Dodgers fan told me to go back to NY as I was the only one rooting for them. It was ok though, the Mets totally won that game. And after moving to Maryland with Yangkyu we caught the Washington Nationals game {who I only found out recently were the Montreal Expos - what?! When did that happen!}, again when the Mets were in town, but unfortunately it got rained out and we went home without spending the 7th inning stretch together {7th inning stretches at Shea Stadium/Citi Field were always so fun}. 

I used to get excited when October would roll around for the Fall Classic. But year in and year out I didn't care much, until a couple of nights ago. I tuned in -- San Francisco Giants vs. Kansas City Royals and the excitement came back. Me, Yangkyu and Piri all cozied up on the couch and began to root for the Royals {I knew someone from LA who is an absolute loyal fan and so I found myself supporting him and his team}. And then I began to re-watch the world series recap videos from 1991, 1992, 1995 and 1996. I also began to look up where all my favorite players were now. Some have gone on to be inducted into the Hall of Fame or became coaches themselves, while others had not so great endings. It was bitter sweet. I remember some of them as rookies or stars and to see them now in a not so great place made me have deeper, profound thoughts about the choices we make and the circumstances we are in that put us in a different trajectory in life. But I think that is a story for another time. 

For a long time, baseball was stuck in the early nineties for me. But Yangkyu and I both decided that we would try and follow it next season. We're just having trouble figuring out which team - the Mets? Or the Nats? Or maybe the Braves {although now I don't like the Tomahawk chop they do and wish they would stop it altogether}. We're not quite sure yet but we hope to watch/make it to the Nats season opener in April where they will face.... the NY Mets. 

This weekend, we'll be watching World Series games 3, 4, and 5 with a guest. We have a Dogvacay puppy coming to stay for the weekend so it'll be nice to have another paw to cheer the Royals on. Oh and of course, I hope to be knitting, too. I just received my package from Wool and the Gang and I'm so happy I can hardly contain myself. 

Happy weekend to you. See you on Monday! 
  // I have a scarf and a cowl in mind. I love knitting with big needles. Knits up super quick and chunky yarn is always so soft to the touch. // 
  // Been mixing white rice with some brown and long grain wild rice. The combo is ... interesting. // 
  // I decided to just juice the last of our remaining apples. No pie again this year. Ah well. // 
 // Switched our comforter cover yesterday and retired some more clothes to turn into rag rugs. It's yet another thing I want to do but lately I have been feeling so desperately behind in things -- emails, reading blogs and such -- but I hope to slowly get back to my regular routine soon and start and pick up on different projects again. // 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Every time I hear this song, I remember that time way back when.

Sometimes old memories flood my head with a sound of a song. Does that ever happen to you? 

Today I got reminded of the time when Yangkyu and I used to date -- the time when we shared the little shoebox studio in Rego Park, NY, and got our favorite tacos on 63rd Drive. We created so many memories there. Oh how much time has passed. 

Around this time we dubbed a song as ours. And now every time I hear it I get reminded our days in Queens - when we were young, in love and just silly to the bones. I guess now we're old, in love and still silly to the bones. 

 // This is our song -- Chiisana koi no uta by Mongol800, which we love, but the cover by Goosehouse gives us the goose bumps. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Some precious moments by Min J Park Photography.

My dear friend Min sent over these pictures a few days ago from the time when she and Anna came to visit us. Min is a professional photographer {also textile designer} and so we're super lucky that she brought her camera, snapped these precious moments and took the time to edit, upload and send us a link to download for ourselves. It's a process that takes time and so I appreciate these photos even more. 

Min is based out of New Jersey but she does travel domestically and internationally for weddings. She also does family, maternity, newborn/toddler/children, pet and other lifestyle sessions. You can see more of her work here and here. She's talented but also very genuine and gives 110% to anything she does. It makes having her on the other side of the camera and computer that much more meaningful and wonderful. A talented gal with a great personality to boot. Now that's a combo I'm down with. 

Thanks so much, Min! 

Photos by Min J Park Photography

Monday, October 20, 2014

Windy afternoons, chilly evenings and pumpkin carving somewhere in between.

We're staying in bed a little bit longer in the mornings, hugging our blankets a bit tighter to keep the warmth in, snuggling in front of the space heater and wearing the hats, scarves and neck warmers I knitted for all of us when we go on weekend errands. It's getting chilly, and windy {!}, out there. 

I might've not liked the chilliness, but over the weekend we did some yard work - pulling out crabgrass in one area of our yard and seeding grass seeds all over again. It was hard work and I was glad that we weren't doing this in the middle of summer. But Yangkyu at one point thought he was going to faint from dizziness from shoveling, pulling and digging so much. It was hard work for sure, but I loved it. My mama used to say when I was little that I had the strength of an ox. Ha. I think if she said that while watching me do yard work, Yangkyu would wholeheartedly agree with her. The only thing I didn't like was seeing all the worms. I remember not being so scared of them when I was little but then I grew up. Now I'm scared of a lot of things. 

Anyway, have you ever dealt with crabgrass? They are stubborn buggers with roots so long and tough that you really need to yank them out - without of course trying to break off the roots. They are everywhere. It's quite stressing to see. We're not really sure what we're doing in terms of seeding grass, but hopefully we'll see some new greens sprout up in a couple of weeks. 

Oh and hey. We now have pumpkins all carved up and sitting pretty outside our house! We did them yesterday and put up orange lights as well. We've been carving pumpkins for three years now {see last year's and the year before} but the lights are a new thing. They seem to have trouble staying up with tape along the edges of our window so I'm gonna have to figure something out. I'm planning to get some other window decorations up but not sure really sure if I'll get around to them. We'll see! 

This week I'm also hoping to finish up some neck warmers to send to a couple of girlfriends and also bake some pumpkin cream cheese bread. I think I'm also bringing down our sweaters and switching our comforter covers as well. These two things always seem to really seal the deal for me that cold weather is here to stay. 

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Tags, facts and the weekend.

I was recently tagged by Mariko over at Gamerwife and Marla at A Weekend Crossing for some fun tags. Thought it would be good to end this week sharing some tid bits. And I'm really glad it's the weekend because it's been a funky week for me -- just feeling a bit nervous and anxious and not really knowing why. Ever get into these moods? {Please tell me this happens to you too}. 

Some facts if you're interested reading! 

01 // I was a rabbit for my first Halloween. It was in the 2nd grade. 

02 // The first anime I ever watched was Ranma 1/2 in high school. I have been hooked ever since. 

03 // I cannot whistle. 

04 // I also can't snap my fingers as well as I would like.

05 // But I can make those annoying popping noises when chewing my gum. It drives Yangkyu crazy. Heck, sometimes it drives me crazy but I can't help making those popping noises. I may be making up for not being able to whistle and snap my fingers. 

06 // I tend to burn things. Lately it's been pots. I just burned another one this morning while trying to steam sweet potatoes. 

07 // I secretly want to live on a farm with a two goats named Gertrude and Hedwig, some cows, horses, chickens and pigs and grow my own produce. I am embarrassed to say this because I know it's not all fun living on a farm and I'm afraid I'll sound clueless. But I do wish sometimes that it could just be me, Yangkyu, Piri and the animals and hopefully we can raise our kids in an environment where they know and appreciate people and animals and the food we grow. 

I'm supposed to tag some folks, but I'll leave it open to anyone who would like to participate! If you do, please let me know so I can hop on over and take a look too. 

What do you have planned for the weekend? We are carving pumpkins and heading over to our local garden center to once again look over their gardening tools and products and probably come home with nothing because we have a hard time deciding what we need vs. what we want. Have a good one!